Saturday, June 27, 2009

FreeRTOS on the dsPIC33

I recently ordered a bunch of dsPIC33F samples – specifically the dsPIC33FJ128GP802. These devices are amazing. They’re fast, have lots of RAM, and very very easy to use with FreeRTOS.

Things to keep in mind when setting up a project for the dsPIC:

  • Ensure you define the MPLAB_DSPIC_PORT macro (Project options –> MPLAB C30 –> Add… (in the preprocessor macros box)
  • I prefer to use heap_3.c so that the compiler’s own malloc() and free() functions can be used. To use them, define a heap size (Project options –> MPLAB LINK30 –> Heap size: (text box)). I just put 5000. Adjust yours accordingly.
  • C30 optimization: (Project Options –> MPLAB C30 –> Categories: Optimization) – I selected –O3 level optimization. Adjust yours accordingly. The port page on says to enable the Omit frame pointer checkbox. Strangely enough, the demo application does not have the checkbox enabled.
  • Also remember to tweak your FreeRTOSconfig.h file and set up all the include directories.

I had no trouble getting the project to work. I even made a simple LED blinker. No modifications to the linker script had to be made (what a relief). The sample project is provided below:

Download Project

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