Saturday, March 21, 2009

Logic Families

Some information I found on different logic families.

Device Families:

TTL (74xx)  True TTL    
74L         Low power   
74S         Schottky    
74H         High speed
74LS            Low power - Schottky                
74AS            Advanced - Schottky         
74ALS           Advanced - Low power - Schottky                
74F(AST)    Fast - (Advanced - Schottky)        
74C         CMOS...................check Vcc levels     
74HC (U)    High speed - CMOS (Unbuffered output)        
74HCT           High speed - CMOS - TTL inputs            
74AHC           Advanced - High speed - CMOS                
74AHCT          Advanced - High speed - CMOS - TTL inputs   
74FCT (-A)  Fast - CMOS - TTL inputs (speed variations) 
74FCT (-T, -AT) Fast - CMOS - TTL inputs (speed variations) 
74AC            Advanced - CMOS                             
74ACT           Advanced - CMOS - TTL inputs               
74FACT          AC, ACT (Q) series                      
74ACQ           Advanced - CMOS - Quiet outputs                 
74ACTQ          Advanced - CMOS - TTL inputs - Quiet outputs

   Bus Driver Families 

74ABT           Advanced - BiCMOS - Technology                 
74ABTE          ABT - Enhanced Transceiver Logic                
74ABTH          Advanced - BiCMOS - Technology - bus Hold   
74BCT           BiCMOS - TTL inputs                        
74BTL           Backplane - Transceiver - Logic             
74GTL           Gunning - Transceiver - Logic               
74GTLP          GTL Plus                                

   Low Voltage Families 

74ALB           Advanced - Low Voltage - BiCMOS                 
74LV (U)    Low - Voltage (Unbuffered output)           
74LVC (R) (U)   LV - CMOS (damping Resistor)(Unbuffered output) 
74LVCH          Low - Voltage - CMOS - bus Hold                 
74ALVC          Advanced - Low - Voltage - CMOS                 
74LVT (R) (U)   LV - TTL  (damping Resistor(Unbuffered output)  
74LVTZ          Low - Voltage - TTL - High Impedance power-up   
74ALVC (R)  ALV - CMOS (bus Hold) (damping Resistor)    
74ALVCH         Advanced - Low - Voltage - CMOS - bus Hold  
74LCX           LV - CMOS (operates with 3v & 5v supplies)  
74VCX           LV - CMOS (operates with 1.8v & 3.6v supplies

4000            True CMOS (non-TTL levels)              

  ECL Device Families:

MEC I           8nS*                
MEC II          2nS*                    
MEC III         (16XX)  1nS*  .......* = Rise & Fall Times  
101xx           100 series 10K ECL, 3.5nS*              
102xx           200 series 10K ECL, 2.5nS*              
108xx           800 series 10K ECL, voltage compensated, 3.5nS* 
10Hxxx          10K - High speed, voltage compensated, 1.8nS*
10Exxx          10K - ECLinPS, voltage compensated, 800pS*  
100xxx          100K, temperature compensated                   
100Hxxx         100K - High speed, temperature compensated  
100Exxx         100K - ECLinPS, temp, voltage comp., 800pS* 

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