Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Build Your Own Clock

Here's a neat project idea to build your own clock using a PIC microcontroller. Parts:
  • A PIC microcontroller (16F886 seems like a good choice; a 12F683 can also be used).
  • A 32.768 kHz crystal for timing (can be used as the primary clock source as well as timer clock source for the PIC).
  • A display. For this purpose, an LED Matrix display or LED 7 segment display can be used. A very low power static LCD can also be used if low power consumption is part of the design goal.
  • Shift registers can be used to drive the LED displays.
  • Optionally, a system to synchronize to local low-frequency radio time signals can be added.
Other ideas:
  • A light level sensor can be used to automatically adjust LED brightness based on ambient light levels. Should be dim during the night and bright during the day. (Possible use for a photoresistor hooked up to the ADC on the PIC?)
  • Include a user-programmable alarm.
  • Include a calendar.

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